Arcis Digial Security Inc.



Void pantograph (VP) is designed to protect originals against photocopying. On the original, the “VOID” or other message is hidden, but when photocopied it becomes visible. VP is one of the most widely used and accepted technologies used in security printing. Most importantly VP is a feature that has been legislated or mandated (i.e. the Centers for Medicaid Services, Check Payment Association, etc.) in various vital documents.
Our patented VP is one of the most effective void pantographs available for the traditional web or sheet fed offset and flexography print industry. Arcis’ Digital Void Pantograph (DVP) is the first patented technology that is tailored to the high speed, on-demand toner or ink based digital print equipment.


Key Benefits are:

checkmarkPrivate branding – customize your own void pantograph to increase affinity, business retention and level of security
checkmarkNeed no special requirements – plain paper in, secured document out using any workflow


The Verification Grid (VG) is a newly patented technology from Arcis. The VG is designed to work with a Void Pantograph (VP) or it can be used on its own. It is a continuous screened pattern or design (like a basket weave pattern for example) that is visible on an original document, but is not visible on a photocopy. It is an authentic security feature without the use of any tool. As such it complements and increases the effectiveness of the Void Pantograph technology.

This technology is one that can be delivered using traditional print processes such as sheet or web offset and flexography printing, but also can be printed on demand on all high-speed toner or ink based digital print equipment


Key Benefits are:

checkmarkQuick authentication without the need of any tools
checkmarkEnhance the performance of the VP if used concurrently
checkmarkEasy implementation without any special requirements
checkmarkCost effective


HALO belongs in our family of authentication technologies. It is a patented covert security feature such that computers, scanners, photocopiers and printers cannot duplicate the hidden security feature. The HALO security features can be authenticated using a proprietary lens. One outstanding security advantage of HALO is that multiple security images/words etc. can be stacked one on top of the other in the same printed area – thereby defeating even the most determined forgers.


Key Benefits are:

checkmarkCan be printed using both traditional offset processes as well as on all digital print equipment
checkmarkMultiple levels of hidden images for a higher level of security
checkmarkEasy implementation without any special requirements such as ink, substrate etc.
checkmarkQuick authentication
checkmarkCost effective


False Positive Testing (FPT) is one of the most innovative security features for the traditional print (web or sheet fed offset, flexography) processes and is also newly patented. It is a covert security feature that provides authentication but does not require the use of a propertary decoder.

FPT can be verified with the widely used and trusted Counterfeit Currency Detector Pen (CCDP), which is used to authenticate money everywhere from banks to grocery stores. The way the pen works is that a gold mark means the money is authentic while a dark mark means the money is counterfeit. FPT is designed to cause 2 reactions in an original, as shown in the illustration when tested with the CCDP. A gold mark and a dark mark to authenticate that the document is real – in other words a false and a positive reaction at the same time. With advanced implementations of FPT additional hidden information beyond just the false and positive response reactions can be revealed allowing an even higher level of security.


Key Benefits are:

checkmarkEasy deployment and cost effective
checkmarkQuick authentication without the need of a proprietary lens