Arcis Digial Security Inc.


Our business is to provide your organization with front line print security features to prevent document fraud. We provide both modern and traditional print security. Modern print security is digitally based and can be used directly by organizations for the internal production of documents or by commercial printers that have digital presses whereas traditional print security is produced by commercial printers on printing presses, usually offset or flexographic machines.

Arcis provides anti-copy void pantograph technologies and covert authentication technologies for both modern and traditional printing. A unique point about our business is that we normally only use regular paper – regular toner – regular ink when printing our technologies. Nothing exotic – and that keeps your costs down.



If your organization prints documents using laser printers or inkjet printers (or digital presses) you can enjoy the following benefits from using our digital technologies:

checkmarkPrint security on demand
checkmarkNeed no special requirements – plain paper in, secured document out using any workflow
checkmarkEnhance your print security by using customized digital void pantographs and authentication security features
checkmarkSecure digitally printed documents in full color and at high speed
checkmarkDigitally printed security features incorporating variable data
checkmarkFully secure documents on-demand that are printed on plain paper
checkmarkGo green, by producing documents that use less resources in their production


Commercial Printers can benefit by being able to print effective security documents that are properly calibrated and technically supported. We have developed the UCAN system; simply put “YOU CAN PRINT SECURITY”


Our business is to license and sell our UCAN print security technologies to companies, organizations and commercial printers.

Each client’s needs are unique – they may need a single solution like a void pantograph or a blended solution that brings several technologies together in their fight against fraud.



sol3aThe Void Pantograph Color Guide for commercial printers – This comprehensive color guide tells you which colors work best for traditional press printed void pantographs. This guide can be used by everyone in the print industry including print brokers, plant managers, estimators, print buyers, graphic artists and anyone else involved in the printing or designing of secured documents.

The guide will ensure that the colors chosen to print your security void pantograph have been optimized for performance – every time.