Arcis Digial Security Inc.


Incorporated in 2005, Arcis Digital Security Inc was founded on the principles of providing exceptional customer service and cost effective print security solutions to printing companies, brand owners and agencies around the world.

Our original mission was to make printing security features, the traditional offset void pantograph for example, easy and simple – in other words we have taken what has long been considered the unpredictable “art” of printing void pantographs and made it into a stable and predictable “science” of printing.

The original mission has been accomplished. Now our ongoing mission is to continue to provide relevant new security technologies; we invented a digital void pantograph to be used on high speed – low resolution – variable data digital presses for example, that both prevents illicit copying but also allows printed items to be authenticated.


Today the company has developed, and patented a number of useful print security solutions that allow printed items to be quickly and easily authenticated as well as providing world class anti-copy protection.

Adding to the depth of our company, key members of the senior management team have been active in the field for more than 13 years providing security solutions to the offset and flexography sector. With the introduction and quality improvements in digital press printing, new print security solutions were required so applying their expertise and innovation, new patents were filed and the security for the digital printing field was born.

Our vision is to provide our printing partner clients with the UCAN ability. UCAN is simply defined as meaning to “YOU can print security”. We provide our printing partner clients with the means and know-how to economically and effectively print secure items (documents, checks, coupons, packaging etc.) that comply with government (i.e. Centers for Medicaid Services) and association (i.e. The Check Payment Systems Association) guidelines while being highly effective in deterring and preventing fraudulent reproductionociation) guidelines while being highly effective in deterring and preventing fraudulent reproductionction.

Team Milestones